17 Sitcom Husbands Who Landed Women That Were Way Out Of Their League

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Imagine a middle-aged guy who has the maturity of a 12-year-old. He’s 50 pounds overweight, he’s a slacker with no ambition and he has the emotional intelligence of a toad. But one day, he suddenly catches the eye of a stunning woman who, apparently, finds his shy nature and awkwardness super adorable. As she gets to know him, she becomes so smitten with his personality that she disregards his mediocre looks and gross habits. And as an added bonus, once they get married, she assumes full responsibility for his overall growth and has to constantly push him to be a more decent human being. Any of that sound familiar?

This “dimwitted slacker meets beauty queen” storyline has been repeated in so many sitcoms, from King of Queens to The Simpsons. But what’s even weirder is that we literally never see these roles reversed, where a responsible, well-rounded and handsome guy sweeps an average girl off her feet. This just sends the message that ladies are only desirable if they go the extra mile and conform to society’s standards of beauty. Meanwhile, men can make literally no effort and still land the woman of their dreams. Talk about unfair.

See which sitcom husbands landed amazing women who were way out of their league:

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