40 Things You Didn’t Know About The Stark Family

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Stark Family Game of Thrones


The Stark family is the core of Game of Thrones. They’re the series’s heroes, and while not all of them survive, they’re the characters we attach to the most. The Stark family is also incredibly old. With that age comes plenty of stories and trivia. The Stark’s history is fascinating and worth exploring in detail. The world George R.R. Martin created does not end with the story told on the show. In advance of the show’s final season, it’s time to look back at some history.

In fact, part of what makes Westeros such an exciting world is how much of it exists outside of the main story. Even families the show features as heavily as the Starks have stories outside of Game of Thrones. Jon Snow may be a great hero who is destined to save the realm, but he’s not the only cool Stark offspring. In a history this detailed, there’s plenty to explore.

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