15 Reasons Why We *Still* Can’t Stop Watching Sex & The City

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These days we’re lucky enough to have an abundance of TV shows to choose from. Whether you’re into easy comedies like The Office, or are a crime fanatic and love How To Get Away With Murder – there’s something out there for everyone. What’s surprising is that, even with hundreds of new shows to choose from each year, one we keep coming back to is Sex and the City — surely we’re not the only ones?

So what is it about the show — which premiered in 1998 and ended over 15 years ago — that has us reaching for our dusty boxsets to rewatch? While we can accept some parts of the show have dated badly (like the lack of diversity, for one), others deserve to be praised and recognized for the impact they have made on modern women today. From the importance of friendship to never faking an orgasm, here’s why we’re still watching SATC two decades on.

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