20 Easter Eggs You Missed On Stranger Things 3

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The Duffer Brothers exceeded all expectations with Stranger Things when the first season hit Netflix in 2016. The showrunners only continued to follow suit, giving us more and more of this crazy, hilarious and sometimes all too relatable ’80s sci-fi in seasons two and three. One of the best things about the show? How much detail they really put into capturing both the essence of the world of science fiction and fantasy as well as both the good and bad parts of the ’80s experience for both kids and adults. It’s no secret that the Duffer bros, as well as director Shawn Levy and the rest of the Stranger Things crew, have worked hard to pay homage to the pop culture and lifestyles that so heavily influenced the show, and we’ve got a list of easter eggs to prove it.

Continuing on a great trend from the first two seasons, season three of the Netflix hit drops a lot of hints and references to past episodes, to other defining pop culture moments, and more. From movie references to season one and two callbacks, we see the characters play out big-time plots while including little nods to movies like The Lord of the RingsRed DawnFast Times at Ridgemont High and more.  We could spend all day analyzing the amazing nuances of every little bit of season three, but here are 20 of our favorite easter eggs from the eight episodes that span season three. Check out our list below to see if you caught them, too!

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