23 Stranger Things Fashion Moments That Were Delightfully Eighties

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Billy’s Double Denim

Stranger Things Fashion Season Three Billy Double Denim


When he wasn’t wearing his hot lifeguard uniform, Billy was likely in double denim. It is a trendy of-the-moment-look nowadays. Interestingly, it was big in the 1980s, too. Billy heightens the classic Americana vibe of the denim-on-denim ensemble with the white striped button-down and brown belt. But, the buttons unbuttoned-to-there, the multiple necklaces, cuff, and haphazardly rolled jacket cuffs bring a rebellious spirit to the outfit. And then there’s that out-of-control curly mullet and that kinda dirty ‘stache. There is no mistaking the rebellious bad boy vibe. Then you factor in that he is smoking and leaning casually on a car…

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