23 Stranger Things Fashion Moments That Were Delightfully Eighties

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Nancy’s Plaid Dress and Dustin’s Blue Suit

Stranger Things Fashion Season Two Teased Hair


Look at how fancy everyone is. Yeah, we know that the wild hair is what everyone noticed first in this scene. #ThatsThe80s If we can get beyond all of the fluffy curls and Dustin’s sculpted mullet, we can focus on the clothes. Surprisingly, they are not as out there as the hair. Nancy could have gone full shoulder pads and bling, but she kept to her understated style with a royal purple plaid dress. Dustin celebrated his love of color with a blue suit and teal shirt. If people take anything away from these outfits, it will hopefully be that guys do not always have to wear black for school dances — or any other formal occasions.

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