23 Stranger Things Fashion Moments That Were Delightfully Eighties

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The Group’s Summer Casual Outfits

Stranger Things Fashion Season Three 1980s Fashion


There are so many Eighties-tastic ensembles going on here that we don’t know where to begin. That’s the brilliant thing about Stranger Things. As a collective, they all have a casual-cool “I’m on summer vacation” vibe going on. But, everyone’s individual styles still show through. We have to commend Eleven for embracing 1980s fashion so wholeheartedly. Look at her, people. She is rocking high-waisted, pleated pants with suspenders, a patterned shirt, a bright scrunchie, and chunky sneakers. There are humans who wouldn’t even go that trendy. Nancy is looking adorable with her lilac dress with blue trim and cutout detail. All of the boys have kept things more restrained and classic.

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