23 Stranger Things Fashion Moments That Were Delightfully Eighties

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Eleven’s Puffy Shoulder Dress And Belt

Stranger Things Fashion Eleven Dress


Awwww, look at Eleven all dressed up and ready for the Hawkins Middle School Snow Ball dance. Admiring this fancy outfit might give you all the feels. (No plot spoilers.) It is also a great tribute to 1980s occasion-wear. This isn’t the intense sequins and drop-waisted dresses we think of for the decade of excess, but it is a formal and age-appropriate pick for a school dance. It has puffy shoulders, a classic blouson shape, and a polyester print. (What we can’t see is that it also has an asymmetrical frill on the hem.) And the entire thing is cinched with a contrasting belt. Note the lilac purple eyeshadow and shiny lip gloss.

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