23 Stranger Things Fashion Moments That Were Delightfully Eighties

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Dustin’s Graphic T-Shirt, Will’s Plaid Shirt, Joyce’s Camel Coat, and Max’s Yellow Hoodie

Stranger Things Fashion Max


Stranger Things loves plaid and we do, too. The check design is a classic fabric, especially for shirts, and we see it throughout the multiple seasons of the Netflix show. This time, we have it with Will Byers‘s (Noah Schnapp) button-down shirt. Dustin is rocking his signature layered graphic T-shirt and a three-colored baseball cap. (That hat gets a lot of wear throughout the series.) Joyce is serving up upgraded 1980s mom fashion with her masculine beige coat with the gray sleeves underneath. Max, who is a big fan of color, is brightening up the gray day with her yellow hoodie. It is gorgeous with her flowing red waves.

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