23 Stranger Things Fashion Moments That Were Delightfully Eighties

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Billy’s Lifeguard Tank Top

Stranger Things Fashion Billy Lifeguard Tank Top


This is a bit more clothes than we are used to seeing Billy in at the Hawkins Community Pool. But, are we mad about it? No. This is a rare uniform that actually enhances the wearer’s body. That said, we are sure that Billy’s chiseled arms would be amazing in almost anything that you put them in. The mamas in the back would definitely agree. He surprisingly isn’t wearing neon sunglasses or Ray-Bans. But, these gold metal frames have a cool oversized shape that fits the time period. They also show that Billy doesn’t need to follow trends to be sexy. In terms of women’s fashion, those bold, printed one-pieces are pure 1980s swimwear. And what other time period would you see so many statement necklaces and so much hair around a community pool? You gotta love it.

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