23 Stranger Things Fashion Moments That Were Delightfully Eighties

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Eleven’s Smocked Dress And Blue Jacket

Stranger Things Fashion Eleven Smock Dress Jacket


This isn’t the most ’80s-forward outfit that we’ve seen on the Netflix show, but it is a Stranger Things fashion look that has become iconic. It has rightly spawned countless get-the-look outfits and Halloween costumes since it debuted on season one of the hit show. The pale pink smocked dress with blue jacket balances girlishness with tomboyish elements. The finished ensemble is talked about as much as Eleven’s buzz cut. We also cannot forget about the Eggo waffles as accessories. Those are paramount to the outfit. Eleven might not have ever thought about being a fashion icon — especially when she was on the run with multiple boxes of frozen waffles — but this outfit launched her into the realm.

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