23 Stranger Things Fashion Moments That Were Delightfully Eighties

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Heather’s Striped Blouse And Side Ponytail

Stranger Things Fashion Heather


If you want someone who serves up 1980s trends in all their OTT glory, you will love Heather Holloway‘s (Francesca Reale) style game. The character was only introduced to viewers on season three, but she has already made an impression. Who could forget a side ponytail that fluffy? The pastel multicolored striped blouse wouldn’t look out of place in many decades, but those shoulder-grazing blue hoops made it clear that she’s living in an ’80s world. Even if you want to cringe, you have to admire how much Heather is on top of the trends for the time and having, like, so much fun — for now, at least.

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