23 Stranger Things Fashion Moments That Were Delightfully Eighties

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Mike’s Pastel Shirt And Eleven’s Scrunchie and Plaid Top

Stranger Things Fashion Mike and Eleven


You couldn’t speak about 1980s fashion without featuring at least one scrunchie. In this case, we have Eleven rocking the iconic hair tie in a low(!) ponytail. It’s a switch-up compared to the typical high side ponytails we think on in terms of classic 1980s hairstyles, but it is nice to see a different take. Her plaid top is more understated compared to the Kelly green hair accessory but the eye is still drawn to it. Little Mike Wheeler (Finn Wolfhard) is growing into a stylish guy with his sun-faded pastel shirt. And his riff on the bowl haircut is as strong as ever.

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