20 Behind-the-Scenes Secrets From Stranger Things

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There was controversy after Sadie Sink said the Duffer brothers forced her to do an on-set kiss.


Unfortunately, Stranger Things isn’t without some behind-the-scenes controversies. There was drama when it was reported that the Duffer brothers added a kissing scene into the script despite Sadie Sink feeling uncomfortable with it. It was said that the young actress was “stressed out” with the scene. The Duffer brothers were allegedly joking about it, but seemed to add it in after seeing her nervous reaction. There was a lot of controversy when it was revealed. Sadie later confirmed to The Wrap that she was nervous, but didn’t object to the scene. “I mean, of course I was nervous because it’s a first kiss, right? But I never objected to [it] or felt pushed into anything,” she clarified. “I always felt comfortable and the Duffer brothers, they do the best job, and always create a comfortable space. And if I felt uncomfortable with anything, I wouldn’t have done it.”

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