20 Shows to Binge this Summer Before They Return for New Seasons

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The Good Place - Season 3


Traditionally, fall is the season for major TV returns. That’s still true today, and many of the biggest shows of the year come back for new seasons then. Some of them are infinitely rewatchable. Even though there’s plenty of TV to watch at all times, the fall sees the return of many of the biggest shows on TV. Because there’s so much TV, it’s virtually impossible to watch all of it. As a result, you’re probably behind on things you don’t want to be behind on.

Don’t worry, though! There’s still time to catch up on these releases. You can binge your way through several shows, and discover new favorites you might not even be aware of. Many of the shows on this list reward a binge, either because they’re incredibly funny or very fulfilling. You can’t watch everything, but hopefully, this list helps you catch up on a few things you may have missed.

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