20 Shows That Paved The Way For Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina

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Witches of East End

witches of east end


Lifetime’s Witches of East End was based on a Melissa de la Cruz novel, not a Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa comic, but true sorceress stans know this underrated series has a lot in common with our new Netflix obsession. Starring Archie Comics fan-favorite Mädchen Amick (who, incidentally, was also a regular on Twin Peaks), Witches of East End followed a mother whose two daughters find their footing within a new era of witches. Sabrina’s familial struggles surround a generational divide between devout parental figures and a gen Z-er who’s ready to ask questions and stir the pot, so this magical coming-of-age would probably strike a chord with our Archie Horror heroine.

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