20 Shows That Paved The Way For Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina

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Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl Blair Serena

The CW

The CW had a leg-up during its early days by acquiring tons of long-running television series from its predecessor, The WB, but the reigning television teen queen defined its brand with Gossip Girl, which began a year after The CW was founded in 2006. We don’t need to tell you that Gossip Girl became a worldwide tastemaker and the cornerstone of scandalous American teen television, and today’s youth-oriented TV landscape would be a lot more vanilla without Blair Waldorf, Chuck Bass, and their impulsive, gorgeous friends’ years of corrupting the huddled masses. Sabrina Spellman might not be dancing on top of bars or specializing in Nair-tinis, but the girl’s got some edge. Plus, without Gossip Girl, who knows what type of bland midwestern dribble The CW would be commissioning today?

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