30 Suspiciously Similar TV Shows Accused Of Ripping Off Another Series

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There’s a reason why Hollywood is obsessively rebooting nearly every classic TV show that they can think of. For one, it gives fans nostalgia, but there’s also the simple fact that coming up with unique ideas for new series can be a challenge. Considering how there are hundreds of shows already in existence, it often feels like every single concept has already been used. So as a result, show creators and TV writers resort to “borrowing” old ideas and repackaging them so that they’ll look new. But of course, not everyone can be fooled so easily.

We can understand a few similarities if the show is an official remake or spin-off of the original. But if a series has surprisingly similar storylines, themes, and characters compared to a completely different project, then it’s totally entering “rip-off” territory. Many of these TV shows have even faced lawsuits because of these similarities, but some chalked it up to mere coincidence. Either way, we all have reason to suspect that the following series are TV rip-offs.

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