30 Suspiciously Similar TV Shows Accused Of Ripping Off Another Series

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Stranger Things


It turns out that Stranger Things was around for a bit longer than we all thought. In 2018, filmmaker Charlie Kessler filed a lawsuit against the show’s creators, Matt and Ross Duffer, claiming that it’s a rip off of his award-winning short film, Montuak. He apparently met the creators in 2014 at the Tribeca Film Festival and discussed his film with them. In his lawsuit, he mentioned that they “misappropriated, used and exploited” his ideas.

Charlie’s film is a science fiction story set in Montauk. It tells of a young boy who’s compelled to leave home by an unknown force, but then he discovers that the government is secretly experimenting on kids. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? It gets even more suspicious when you find out that the Duffer Bros. initially wanted Stranger Things to take place in Montauk.

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