30 Suspiciously Similar TV Shows Accused Of Ripping Off Another Series

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As the Fox hit series continued to grow in popularity, author Ron Newt filed a lawsuit against the show. It turns out that he and the show’s star, Terrence Howard, had some history because way before Empire began its production process. The two met while Newt was promoting his memoir, Bigger Than Big. In 2010, Newt apparently spent hours pitching his life story to Terrence and showed him his screenplay, but no agreement was ever made. Years later, however, Empire came out and Ron noticed that the stories, character traits, and incidents were very similar to those in his own work.

He filed a complaint and sued Lee Daniels, Terrence, and 20th Century Fox for $10 million. However, the lawsuit got dismissed, as the judge ruled that Newt’s work and Empire were not substantially similar.

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