30 Suspiciously Similar TV Shows Accused Of Ripping Off Another Series

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The Flintstones


It’s still a beloved classic to this day, but we bet you didn’t know that its premise and characters are nearly identical to another classic: The Honeymooners. For instance, Fred is scheming, aggressive and short-tempered, just like Ralph Kramden. And Barney is more laid-back and loyal to a fault, much like Ralph’s dim-witted BFF, Ed. Jackie Gleason, who created and starred in the show, was planning to sue Hanna-Barbera Productions for taking his idea, but he had a change of heart after realizing it might do more harm than good.

Henry Corden, a friend of Jackie’s, said: “Jackie’s lawyers told him he could probably have The Flintstones pulled right off the air. But they also told him, ‘Do you want to be known as the guy who yanked Fred Flintstone off the air? The guy who took away a show so many kids love, and so many parents love, too?'”

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