16 of Television’s Most Complex Female Anti-Heroes

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One of the biggest trends to crop up on television is anti-hero characters. From Walter White to Tony Soprano, there is no shortage of complicated men on TV. But what about the ladies? Television has plenty of female anti-heroes that are just as complex as their male counterparts. By definition, an anti-hero is basically anyone who doesn’t have the traditional attributes of a hero but are still easy to support. They aren’t a full-on villain, but they aren’t exactly looking to be the good guy either. Often this means they do good things but aren’t looking to be anyone’s role model!

While the trend of anti-heroes on television has gotten kind of exhausting (there are so many!) it has led to some of the greatest TV characters of all time. Female anti-heroes are some of the most layered, multi-dimensional women on television who prove not every actress has to play a wife or a girlfriend. They don’t have to be sweet, caring, and nurturing. They can be b*tches, full of spitfire and selfish tendencies. The rise of the anti-hero is one of the best things to ever happen to ladies on TV! Here are all of our fave female anti-heroes that have graced our TV screens. Beware: Spoilers abound!

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