17 Great TV Shows That Had One Terrible Season

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It’s hard to make great TV that’s consistently great. Even the best shows can struggle to tell new stories with their characters or have trouble getting started. Thankfully, most great shows can rebound from a terrible season and prove that they really are great. A bad season doesn’t have to sink a great TV show, but it can if it indicates that the show doesn’t know what it’s doing. In the cases below, the shows were able to re-calibrate and continue being great.

Often, these bad seasons come at the beginning or the end of a series. It can be hard to set up a show, which is why the first seasons can sometimes be work. Endings are also quite challenging, which is why many last seasons wound up on this list. Sometimes, though, a show struggles with the middle of its run. Whatever the case may be, all of these great shows had just one season that you can probably skip.

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