16 Times Donna From That ’70s Show Was A Woke Feminist & 4 Times She Disappointed Us All

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That '70s Show Donna feminism


That ’70s Show may have ended over two decades ago in 2006, but there are lots of reasons why the teen sitcom is still pretty relevant today. The show followed a group of six teenagers who lived in a small town called Point Place in Wisconsin during the 1970s and showed how they delt with the social changes that came during that decade. One of the show’s main characters, Donna Pinciotti, prided herself on her feminist values, and we have to give her credit for how woke she was during a time that was pretty testing for women.

The show wasn’t actually made in the ’70s, but we still have to give kudos to (surprisingly) Fox for creating such a strong female lead in a late nineties/early noughties sitcom. Although there were some moments when Donna went against her feminist values (which we’ll get to), here are 16 woke Donna moments from That ’70s Show and four times she was kind of the worst.

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