Let’s Dance: The Most Iconic TV Prom Episodes

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Glee Prom Queen


Prom is a night for celebration before graduation. At the end of the year, all the kids get to dress up and dance together. They let loose, have a good time, and forget about everything that’s happened over the course of the year/their tumultuous high school careers. TV proms are the epitome of this tradition. They’re where the popular kids try to win a crown, and everyone else just tries not to make a fool of themselves.

The best TV proms bring plenty of drama, but they also serve as a culmination of storylines that have been ongoing. Prom is a night for wild, new adventures. It’s not a night for playing it safe, and many of the TV proms on this work hard to avoid just that. Most of the time, taking a few risks pays off. That’s true for both the characters on these shows and the shows themselves.

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