18 TV Friendships That Are More Toxic Than You Realized

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The CW

There are plenty of obviously healthy friendships on TV, and plenty of obviously unhealthy ones. Sometimes on TV, it’s clear that one friend is taking advantage of the other, or that there’s little equality between them. Other times, though, a TV friendship is toxic in more subtle ways. In these relationships, it may seem like the two characters are supporting one another, even if they really aren’t. Usually, these friendships are pretty one-sided.

Viewers are willing to ignore these one-sided relationships a lot of the time because the person doing all the taking is the show’s main character. After all, it’s their drama we’re wrapped up in, and the supporting character is there to support. Still, like in life, these characters should have rich lives of their own. Sometimes they do, but most of the time they’re not just there to help — they’re in toxic TV friendships.

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