23 TV Characters Recast After The Actor Quit the Show

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Becky Conner (Roseanne)

Becky Conner


Becky Conner is one of the oddest cases on this list. One of Roseanne’s daughters on the show, Becky was initially played by Lecy Goranson. Lecy left during the show’s fifth season to pursue an education at Vassar College in New York. As a result, Sarah Chalke stepped into the role. That’s not where this story ends, though.

Lecy became available again during the show’s eighth season, but her availability wasn’t consistent. As a result, she and Sarah alternated playing the role. Sarah took over again full-time during the show’s ninth season when Lecy decided she was done for good. Hopefully Sarah Chalke understood why there had been so much confusion.

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