20 TV Reboots and Revivals Coming Soon

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TV reboots and revivals have been everywhere in the last few years. Why make new TV shows when we can bring back old ones?! Not that we’re complaining — this trend usually means that cult shows that ended too soon get to come back to life. Who doesn’t want more time in our favorite TV worlds with our favorite TV characters? Television over the last few years has been oversaturated with familiar faces, retellings of stories we know and love, and returns to our old TV stomping grounds. With all of the success these TV reboots and revivals, why would networks stop now?!

We’ll be honest, these TV reboots and revivals have not all seen raging success. Some have failed and proven that not every show should be revived. But, there have also been some reboots that have become almost as successful as the original show! Series like Fuller House, Will and Grace, and Queer Eye have all become beloved TV shows for an entirely new audience. TV reboots and revivals are a great way to introduce a new generation to some of the best TV shows of all time! Here are all the ones we have to look forward to!

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