17 TV Shows About the Afterlife That’ll Have You Pondering Life & Death

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Television is meant to be a form of escapism. Most shows draw you out of your own problems and plunge you into the faux issues of fictional characters. It’s an easy fix to ignore the real world for a bit! But, there is a subgenre of shows that didn’t get the memo about TV being a respite from real life dilemmas: TV shows about the afterlife. These shows ask big questions about life, death, and what comes after we die. Some are set in the afterlife, while others deal with the idea of the afterlife in broader terms. Either way, these shows will send you down the philosophical wormhole!

More than ever TV shows are grappling with heaven and hell, life and death. Asking the big questions that most people watch TV not to think about. But, nonetheless, these TV shows about the afterlife create a valuable dialogue around bigger issues in the world. A few are even sitcoms, injecting laughs in between postulation about morality postmortem! Each series takes on the themes of the afterlife in different ways — from comedy to thriller. Whatever way these shows choose to tackle the themes of life and death, they always aim to entertain!

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