17 TV Shows About the Afterlife That’ll Have You Pondering Life & Death

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Miracle Workers

On the other hand… What if heaven wasn’t actually so great? Miracle Workers explores the idea that heaven is just another civilization doomed to fail, especially since God (Steve Buscemi) is kind of a bumbling fool. Overcome with the craziness of having to deal with Earth, his creation, he decides to just give it up and run a restaurant. Obviously, this can’t happen. So it’s up to a couple of angels to try and change his mind. TV shows about the afterlife so rarely zone in on the permanent residents of the afterlife. We’re always so concerned with the living — what about the already dead? God, his angels, and the network of people running the company that is heaven prove that the afterlife is really not much different from real life: chaotic AF and sometimes we just feel like giving up on it!

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