16 Favorite TV Shows Banned In Other Countries For The Craziest Reasons

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Anyone who doesn’t live under a rock knows that every country isn’t as tolerant as the United States. Certain nations take pride in upholding different standards and following stricter moral codes, which is probably why you’ll never see steamy sex scenes or violent fights playing on their airwaves. As a result, most TV shows undergo tons of edits and revisions before they’re released abroad. And if certain episodes are too controversial to be scrubbed clean, they’re simply banned altogether. However, it seems like wiping out inappropriate or explicit content isn’t always enough, because some nations have resorted to banning entire shows instead.

To be fair, a few of them had legitimate reasons for their decision (like how India banned Cow and Chicken for mocking an animal that they view as sacred). But then there are others that blocked the most innocent shows for the craziest reasons. A lot of these will definitely leave you scratching your head in confusion.

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