21 Amazing TV Shows That Were Canceled Way Too Soon

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tv shows canceled too soon

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The worst thing in the entire world is falling in love with a TV show and having it get canceled way too soon. Okay, maybe we’re exaggerating, but it does suck! Some TV shows are just too far ahead of their time or no one realizes how great they are until it’s too late, but either way, there have been some amazing shows that were cut down way too early. Plenty of TV shows just weren’t given a chance to succeed and were ripped from TV schedules. Only after they were gone did viewers realize they should have watched when they could!

These days, amazing shows with low ratings have a chance to survive through streaming or post-series movies. But many shows were never given that chance and we only have one or two glorious seasons to soak in! Not every show can be as lucky as Family Guy or Futurama, two series that were actually canceled before being brought back to life on network television! We’re still waiting on reboots of these famed TV shows canceled way too soon!

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