38 TV Shows That Need To Get Revived By Netflix ASAP

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There are probably tons of reasons as to why a Friends revival hasn’t happened yet because if it was possible, we’re pretty sure it would have already happened. There are endless opportunities for a revival. The original attempt at a spinoff (remember Joey?) was a disaster, but we’re talking a full-cast revival. So we totally want to get a glimpse into the current daily lives of the whole gang, but we’d be lying if we said that we weren’t a little extra interested by Monica and Chandler raising their little family in Westchester. Is it a big family now? Do they still see Joey all the time? Where do Ross and Rachel live? What the heck is Phoebe up to? What happens to the chick and the duck?! Though the cast still likes to hang out, no one is particularly interested in bringing Friends back on-screen anytime soon.

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