The 40 TV Shows Tragically Ending In 2019

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"Breaking Bad"


All good things must come to an end. It’s a sentiment that we often forget about until we’re faced with the grim reality of something that we love ending. It can happen to relationships, good hair days and sales. It also happens with popular TV shows. And television lovers would say that the last one can be the most painful to deal with.

When a TV show comes to an end, we don’t have anything to look forward to. There won’t be any new jokes from funny characters, exciting new relationships, or mind-blowing twists. At least we can take comfort in the fact the television show was “wrapped up” rather than unexpectedly canceled and leaving us hanging forevermore. If we continue to focus on the positive side, the ending of the shows means that we don’t have to wait for a new season to begin, we can just rewatch the series from the beginning and relive the magic.

So, keep thinking those positive thoughts as you check out 40 amazing TV shows ending in 2019.

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