17 TV Shows To Watch If You Are Obsessed With You

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Gossip Girl

TV Shows Like You Gossip Girl

The CW

It’s an obvious one but Gossip Girl has to be on the list. It was Penn Badgley’s breakout role, you guys. It’s also a refreshing change to see him as Dan “Lonely Boy” Humphrey after seeing Penn take on the role of, erm, complex Joe Goldberg. Some might not think that a show about the “scandalous lives of Manhattan’s elite” would draw comparisons to You, but it has by fans. The CW hit had plenty of relationship drama and there was something creepy about Gossip Girl always knowing everyone’s most private business. There were also some stalker plot lines. Remember Carter Baizen (Sebastian Stan)? We can count Georgina Sparks (Michelle Trachtenberg) in there too thanks to the mysterious gifts.

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