17 TV Sisters Who Perfectly Captured What Sisterhood Is *Really* Like

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Anyone with sisters knows that sisterhood can be complicated! Sisters can be the best people to have on your side. They’re childhood BFF’s built right into your life! But they can also be infuriating, and when you’re mad at them you still have to live with them. The love-hate relationship between sisters is just a natural part of life. Your built-in bestie is the perfect person to borrow clothes from — until they want to borrow all of yours! They’re also always going to have your back. You know, until they decide to be the ones sticking a knife in it. Sisterhood is seriously complex!

Sisterhood has been all over TV for decades. Several shows have perfectly depicted the love-hate relationship that so many sisters live through on a daily basis. From the competitive nature of having siblings to a camaraderie like nothing else, these TV sisters nail it. They almost make us wish we had sisters! You know, until we get to the “hate” part of that love-hate equation! Here are some of the best duos and trios of TV sisters that have really captured the essence of sisterhood.

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