17 TV Sisters Who Perfectly Captured What Sisterhood Is *Really* Like

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Alex and Haley Dunphy from Modern Family

In every fictional family with sisters, it seems there’s an older, cooler one and a younger, nerdier one. That’s totally the dynamic here! Haley (Sarah Hyland) is the older, but definitely not wiser sister in the Dunphy family. Her sister Alex (Ariel Winter) is growing up to be nothing like her older sis. She’s more book smart, a bit more reserved, and for sure not as into partying as Haley is. While they clash due to their completely different values, they also help each other see new parts of life. Haley helps Alex come out of her shell and Alex usually gets Haley out of trouble and keeps her on a good path. They bicker, but they also even each other out in the best ways.

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