17 TV Sisters Who Perfectly Captured What Sisterhood Is *Really* Like

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Amy, Jill, and Rachel Green from Friends

Jill (Reese Witherspoon) and Amy (Christina Applegate) are great glimpses into Rachel’s (Jennifer Aniston) life before she was one of our six favorite Friends! All three were raised with extreme wealth and were handed everything they could ever want. When Rachel makes her own way in life, she’s cut off and made better for it in the end. Her sisters, though, don’t stray far from that family money. They’re irresponsible, lazy, and not exactly understanding of how or why Rachel created an entire career and supports herself. But whenever one of Rachel’s sisters shows up, we see just how close they really are. Rach finds herself looking out for them more than ever after making it on her own, and she tries to encourage them to do the same. While we don’t see them ditching daddy’s credit cards, we admire Rachel’s belief in her sisters!

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