17 TV Sisters Who Perfectly Captured What Sisterhood Is *Really* Like

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Alex and Jane Kerkovich from Happy Endings

Happy Endings received some serious Friends comparisons in its day but it was truly a show in its own league, right down to showing how sisterhood plays out into adulthood. Alex and Jane are as tight as can be, but they are complete opposites. Jane (Eliza Coupe) is a control freak and probably the most competitive person on the face of the earth. Alex (Elisha Cuthbert), on the other hand, is super lax about basically everything and is seen as a wee bit dumb. So, yeah, these two naturally clash. Jane is never afraid to tell Alex about the things she needs to hear — whether she wants to hear them or not! Plus, her competitive nature often leaves her preaching high and mighty about her supposed superiority over her sister. At the end of the day, despite their insane differences, these two will always be best friends.

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