17 TV Sisters Who Perfectly Captured What Sisterhood Is *Really* Like

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Daphne and Maddie Conrad from Nashville

These two probably have the most realistic sister dynamic on television because they’re sisters in real life! Lennon and Maisy Stella play Maddie and Daphne, respectively, on the hit country music show and bring a dash of their own sisterhood to the show. On the show, the Conrad sisters are, much like the Stella sisters, a musical duo. They sing together, write music together, and do basically everything else together. But, unlike the Stella sisters, they’ve had some huge issues. When Maddie wanted to go solo and ended up alienating her whole family, Daphne was not here for it. The two spend plenty of time arguing but they also always have each other’s backs. Daphne and Maddie nail the love-hate relationship so many teen sisters find themselves in!

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