16 TV Spin-Offs That Turned Out To Be Better Than The Original

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How amazing would it be if our favorite TV shows never had to end? We’d probably still get to gush over a slightly older Jim and Pam on The Office, or maybe we’d see Leslie Knope as president on Parks and Recreation (or so we’d hope!). But alas, we can’t always get what we want. After growing super attached to the characters and being so immersed in their stories, we’re suddenly forced to say goodbye to them and part ways with very shows that taught us so much. But fortunately, TV spin-offs have managed to make these goodbyes feel a liitle bit easier.

To be honest, they’re a brilliant way for networks to profit off of their most successful shows, but spin-offs are actually the perfect opportunity for fans to stay connected to the shows they love. Whether this means focusing on the life of one particular character or introducing a similar team of people to the same universe, it’s truly a treat to see a beloved classic through a new set of lens. Of course, not all spin-offs have lived up to the shows that inspired them (just look at Joey). But for every follow-up series that fell flat, there was another that exceeded our expectations and turned out to be even better than the original.

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