25 Umbrella Academy Season Two Fan Theories

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The Siblings Will End Up In Dallas

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Fans who haven’t picked up the original comic series might be asking: why Dallas? Fans who have read the series, specifically the second installment of The Umbrella Academy comics, know that nothing good comes from these characters going back to Dallas, specifically Dallas in 1963. Cha-Cha and Hazel mention the 1963 incident in the show and Five has unfinished business in Texas, so it’s possible that elements of the Dallas chapter of the comics that weren’t used in the first season might be brought into the second. Redditor Tetrabud theorizes that as that last place Five time-traveled, it would have been the easiest to go back to, thus beginning the unfortunate events from the comics. If you’re wondering what those are, the photo above is a grim hint.

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