25 Umbrella Academy Season Two Fan Theories

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Ben Isn’t Actually Dead

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One of the biggest fan questions seems to be how exactly Ben, aka Number Six aka “The Horror,” actually died. There are so many theories about what caused his untimely end, but the best one is definitely that Ben didn’t actually die at all. Redditor PandasOnGiraffes was inspired by a throw-away line from the original comics’ second issue, Dallas, that it’s not a problem when Hargreaves children die. Klaus says this after coming back from the “dead” when he returns from the in-between. This user thinks Ben could be there too, and just hasn’t been able to come back yet. Another idea is that Ben did die, but he won’t be dead in the new season. Reddit user tigerscomeatnight thinks that the siblings went back in time to before Ben’s death, meaning he’d be alive and kicking in this brave new world.

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