25 Umbrella Academy Season Two Fan Theories

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Rumor Used Her Powers On Luther

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Rumour and Luther have a… questionable relationship. They’re not actually related, so it’s not like the series has gone full Shadowhunters, but they were raised together as siblings, putting us in Life With Derek territory. Is it okay that these pseudo-siblings fell in love? Making things even more complicated is the possibility that Rumour compelled Luther to love her when they were children. Reddit user cripplinglemon thought the ambiguous “I heard a rumor that you love me” flashback was actually aimed at Luther, explaining why he’s more hung-up on the relationship than she is. VictorEightman and Grandpa_reddit comment on that same post that this theory is similar to her compulsion to make Luther believe he’d wanted to kiss her since he was eight years old in the comics.

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