The 18 Most Underrated TV Shows Still Currently On-Air

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What We Do In The Shadows

Underrated TV Shows


Based on the 2014 cult comedy of the same name, What We Do In The Shadows is following in its predecessor’s footsteps by resonating strongly with a niche audience of comedy fans and weirdos. The series is pulling in a decent viewership (if you count DVR), but considering the ratings juggernauts FX counts amongst its original offerings and Shadows’s struggles in the 18-49 demographic, more people should be tuning into this mockumentary about four Staten Island roommates who have been living together for hundreds of years. Seeing 700-year-old vampires go to the supermarket is hilarious, but seeing them argue about who forgot the milk is even better. If you enjoyed the humor in Thor: Ragnarok, seeing Taika Waititi bring his comedic directing powers to something even more outlandish will be an absolute treat.

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