The 18 Most Underrated TV Shows Still Currently On-Air

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Good Trouble

Underrated TV Shows

Freeform/Beth Dubber

There are two types of TV fans: the ones that loved The Fosters, and the ones that had no idea The Fosters ever existed. Despite pulling in great-for-Freeform ratings during its hundred-episode run, The Fosters largely flew under the radar, and it looks like the show’s delightful Gen-Z spin-off Good Trouble is about to follow suit. On the show, Fosters characters Callie and Mariana are now beginning their careers as young adults in Los Angeles. It isn’t a high-concept series, but it balances heart and realism while accurately showing what it’s like to be young, dumb, and trying your best. Noah Centineo may also make an occasional appearance if you somehow still need convincing. You can catch up with Good Trouble on Hulu before following along on Freeform.

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