The 18 Most Underrated TV Shows Still Currently On-Air

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Now Apocalypse

Underrated TV Shows


How has a show starring established teen heartthrobs Avan Jogia, Tyler Posey, and Awkward’s Beau Mirchoff not made a bigger impact online? Written by Vogue columnist and Slutever founder Karley Sciortino alongside queer cinema pioneer Gregg Araki, Now Apocalypse shows Avan’s character Ulysses having strange premonitory dreams about the end of the world that he brushes off as drug-fueled delusions as he navigates sex and fame in Los Angeles. The show’s over-the-top sexuality is what Slutever fans have grown to expect from Karley, but the uninitiated may be surprised by how far this Starz series goes. Its ratings are fairly abysmal, despite it being the edgy 21st century Twin Peaks we’ve all been waiting for and didn’t know we needed.

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