The 18 Most Underrated TV Shows Still Currently On-Air

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The Society

Underrated TV Shows


Netflix doesn’t release its viewer statistics to the public, so the only way to really know if one of the streaming giant’s new series is performing is by gauging how many of your friends won’t shut up about it. We don’t know *anyone* whose tuned in for The Society, a dystopian teen drama about a group of privileged teens who get Pied Piper-ed into a replica of their New England town with no adults to be found. The cast of up-and-comers expertly created a sense of unease throughout the series where any moments of calm civility are so fragile, they could fracture back into chaos at any minute. Conspiracy theories are flying in anticipation of its yet-to-be-announced second season as we wait to see how long it takes for these suburban teens to go full Lord of the Flies.

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