The 18 Most Underrated TV Shows Still Currently On-Air

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Underrated TV Shows


Starz is creating great content with even better teams, but because literally no one has a Starz subscription, their shows have gone unnoticed by the television glitterati. You can buy the first season on Amazon, but no one wants to pay an extra ten bucks for a series when they’re already paying for Netflix, Hulu, and Prime every month. It’s a shame because Vida features the first-ever fully Latinx writers’ room, which also happens to have more than its fair share of female and queer voices, as they tell the story of two Mexican-American sisters who inherit an East L.A. apartment building and bar after their estranged mother’s death. The series deals with encroaching gentrification while balancing humor and somber realities amongst sex scenes filmed from the female gaze.

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