20 Of The Most Unnecessary TV Show Reboots & Revivals

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90210 (2008)

TV Show Reboots beverly hills 90210

The CW

Beverly Hills: 90210 was extremely successful during its original run beginning in 1990. The series dealt with probably every problem that American teenage viewers could relate to, which is probably why it managed to stay on the air for ten years before ending in 2000. The show kick-started the careers of multiple Hollywood stars including Luke Perry, so it honestly wasn’t surprising when The CW tried to reboot it in 2008. The reboot featured a new cast of young, fresh-faced kids and although it ran for five new seasons, we can’t help but feel it was probably better left untouched. Beverly Hills: 90210 was classic, this 90210 was just… there. Don’t even get us started on the newest BH: 90210 revival. No Luke Perry = no viewers, IMHO.

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